Thursday, January 23, 2014

Honey & Pear Galette

While looking through my Pinterest feed today, I realized today is National Pie Day! Lame baker moment not knowing such a momentous day.
So I decided I would pay tribute as soon as I got home from work… well, as soon as I moseyed home from work, I should say, since 5pm is when everyone in Orange County is trying to get home as well.
Instead of spending tons of time making an actual pie, I opted to take a more rustic route and make a galette, a cousin of the glorious pie and known as a free-form rustic tart. 
Truth be told… I've never made a single galette in my [baker] life. I love exploring new baking territory!

I knew I wanted to make a pear galette since I have plenty of pears and no apples at home… and honey sounded like a yummy companion for the pears. So I glanced at a recipe for slight reference, but then made the bold decision to experiment and make my own recipe… having said that, I will most likely revisit this to edit and perfect… but I'm just so excited it turned out decently for my first attempt!

I'm actually writing this while my family sits near by gushing about how yummy it is… so that's a great bonus! The only thing we all agreed it is missing is either vanilla ice cream or double cream (we've all lived/visited England at some point, and for these types of dessert, you usually pour double or single cream which makes it decadent and scrumptious)… it's the finishing touches that sends the heavenly flavors soaring.

But here you have it: Honey & Pear Galette (recipe at end of post)
(sorry for the harsh lighting… it's all I have in my kitchen, plus it's nighttime… and I'm using an iPhone.)

Put flour, sugar, salt, & butter in mixing bowl fitted with paddle attachment.
(Side note: I've been trying to eat clean and healthy more lately because of stomach problems, and thought I'd be clever and use half whole wheat to make myself feel better about this dessert… but then the butter came. The butter came and ruined my happy, healthy bubble. But it made it so buttery and delicious…. and then I felt like a mini Paula Deen… weird moment… but I moved on.)
 Mix until dough forms a crumbly texture, with little pea-sized balls
Add one egg and mix until dough pulls from the sides. Dump onto floured surface and knead no more than 5 times. Shape into a round disk, wrap with cling film, and place in fridge.
While the dough rests/chills, slice pears and place in a bowl, add sugar to taste (I did roughly 2 tablespoons), drizzle with honey, a splash of lemon juice and about 1 teaspoon of cornstarch.
After about 30 mins in the fridge, pull the dough out and place on a floured surface. I kept the cling film on in the beginning while rolling out my dough.
This is where I'm an unconventional, but still trained, pastry chef…. I don't know how thick the dough ended up being… one of my curses, or blessings I guess, is I don't usually measure my doughs, or follow recipes. I'm slightly a free bird when I bake. Anywho, once it's rolled out, gently roll the dough onto the rolling pin and transfer to your baking sheet (or baking stone in my case) - slight tip, have the sheet right next to you for an easy transfer.
Being the noob that I am, I've been in the zone so much I forget to have my baking sheet nearby and the dough breaks or I lose my grip on the rolling pin and drop the dough :( 
Don't do this, it makes for a sad day… 
Scoop pear mixture onto the dough leaving about 2 inch (I think…) edge for folding up. For the folding up part… ummm… just fold the edges up. 
I overlapped a bit to give it a rustic, professional, straight from Pinterest look… only I'm lacking the awesome daylight, dslr, and rustic table setting… but I digress.
Being a little crazy in this moment… I went to town with the butter. Basically ruining whatever idea I had of making this slightly healthier, but that's okay in my book. I placed a few small chunks of butter over the pears, then brushed - or possibly drowned - the crust with melted butter, drizzled honey and sprinkled sugar over the whole galette. 
Because of the butter overload, I had to add foil underneath the rack.
Soooo don't go crazy... with the butter, that is, to avoid the burnt butter smell  =/
I baked this at 425 for 45 minutes… 
We enjoyed this lovely while still warm, and just mixed it all up on the plate… and it was scrumptious, but like I said previously, vanilla ice cream would be so heavenly. 

Happy National Pie Day all you lovelies!
I hope you all enjoyed some form of scrumptious pie-ness….
And feel free to leave a comment about pies, galettes, or just anything exciting… I'd love to hear from you lovelies that read my blogs!
Have a wonderful night (or day, depending where you are in the world)!

Kylie Rae

Honey & Pear Galette
Pie Crust:
1 cup all-purpose flour (or if you don't want whole-wheat, then 2 cups a.p. flour)
1 cup whole wheat flour (optional)
1 cup butter
1 teaspoon sugar
Dash of sea salt (I used himalayan pink salt)
1 egg

Pear Mixture:
3 medium pears, sliced 
2 tablespoons sugar
Cinnamon (I didn't measure, but probably around 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon)
Splash of lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon cornstarch
Drizzle of honey

Mix the pears with all ingredients and let sit for about 5-8 minutes, so cornstarch can thicken it a bit.

Place pears on dough first, then drizzle the pear juice mixture over pears. 

Bake, top with vanilla ice cream & enjoy!

(Here's the recipe I glanced before beginning… one day I will have beautiful photos too *sigh*)

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