Sunday, January 12, 2014


Hello Lovelies!!
Merry [belated] Christmas!!
Happy [belated] New Years!!

I have basically been non-existent on the blog for the past month-ish…
"Why?" you ask… well, I have, as I'm sure many of you were for the holiday season, extremely busy. 
I had finals for school, while also harboring an incredibly nasty (and I'm not one to exaggerate or be a pansy about colds) cold/flu, then had to hit the ground running for a huge work event on the 21st. 
And ironically, I was doing so much baking for the Christmas event we did, and all I could think of was sharing all the goodies with you lovelies, but time just continued to get away… 
However, on the bright side, I had such a blessed Christmas with my family and enjoyed the beautiful simplicity that was our Christmas. Being a really low-key person, I honestly am so happy just to spend time with my family and get to know them better. And even though my mom, uncle, and I were all busy working on the event for children's ministry (my mom and I work together), shopping for presents for each other on the 23rd; despite letting my emotions and exhaustion get the best of me and cause a few arguments, Jesus is so very good and loving, and He blessed above and beyond what I could've asked, or hoped, for.
All that to say, I loved every crazy, chaotic, emotional moment of this holiday season and new year.
For the Christmas event, I made 222 truffles (sometimes, no matter how good you are, calculations and chocolate just don't get along), and 430 mexican wedding cookies from home. I couldn't really be apart of the other creations since I still had a nasty cold. But there were soooo many sweets, which spurred me to find healthy alternatives when I craved something sweet.
Grabbing what I already had on hand, I decided upon a yummy banana, chocolate, pb snack.
This snack is soooo easy, yet healthy, and incredibly yummy.

I personally hate sweet peanut butters since I was raised on natural peanut butters… so I used our household standard pb, Adams 100% Natural pb… it has a little bit of a saltiness to it, which made this snack more savory… right up my ally.
I also had 70% dark, high-quality chocolate left over…and dark chocolate is just so delicious and healthier for you… and again, I absolutely cannot stand milk chocolate and white chocolate.
On my parchment lined cutting board (it's all that fits in my super skinny freezer), I placed my banana slices topped with pb, then melted my chocolate chips in the microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring well in between each interval.
 Then using a fork to hold the banana slice, I covered the banana in chocolate with a spoon, and gently tapped the excess chocolate off. 

Once all the banana slices were coated, I placed them in the freezer for about 45 minutes before I couldn't handle myself anymore… these are so delicious cold!

Sooo… there you have it, the easiest little snack ever! And it's healthy! 
Definitely a win-win here ;)

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you all are having a wonderful start to a new year! 
Kylie Rae

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