Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Delicious [French] Macarons + Mini Desserts

Oh my sweet stars!!! 
This post is probably going to be my favorite… 
Because I'm going to be sharing photos from my amazingly fun French Macaron &
mini desserts class at Sweet & Saucy Shop in Long Beach.

I have SO much love for Sweet & Saucy Shop since it's where I did my very
first internship, and where I learned basically everything I know.
Not only is Melody Brandon one of the sweetest, down-to-earth, genuine people
to work for/with… but she's also insanely talented and creative.
Everything she, and her team, come up with is always both stunningly gorgeous
and mouthwateringly delicious.

When I saw Mel's instagram for a macaron and mini dessert class, I called right away.
And if any of you remember, back in February, I took a class from Mel and Irene for
buttercream frosting. That class was so fun because I finally learned how to do ombre 
buttercream - which is one of my fav looks for a simple, yet gorgeous, cake.
And, anyone who knows me (or maybe just from reading some of my posts), knows
I LOVE macarons.
French Macarons are the one dessert I can eat for breakfast (which is huge since
I hate sweets in the morning - said the pastry chef), which I did this morning… 
(my actual macaron creation from class)

and it's the only dessert I ever crave.
I sometimes feel like I just can't get enough macarons.
It's an obsession, and I'm totally okay with it.
I signed up for the class, and was excited to be going to the new Long Beach
location, which turned out to be utterly gorgeous - even the bathroom was 
so cute, I kinda just wanted to hang out there and stare at all the cute
baked goods photos.

The class was taught by Melody, Jess, and Michelle.
Jess was the French macaron connoisseur, and honestly, the girl 
knows her macarons - and just baking in general.
She is so cute and funny, and such a great teacher.
She had no sense of arrogance or a "I know it all" attitude (which you deal
with a lot in culinary school/industry), even though she is extremely 
knowledgeable and very [naturally] talented.
She taught us in such a simplistic way, which made the daunting task of making
macarons (which can be super finicky) seem easy and stressless.

[I'm just going to pause here and tell you, if you have instagram, start following 
@jess_marvelous cuz she's just so cool!
And follow Melody (if you don't already): @sweetnsaucyshop ]

The class, which consisted of 9 people, split into 2 groups. I was in a group of 
4 and went with Mel first to make mini desserts.
She had us make mini Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecakes w/ a Gingersnap/Pecan Crust
and Key Lime Pies… both are TO DIE FOR.
One major thing I love about Melody's desserts (all of them in the shop) is that none of them
are overly sweet. She has balanced the flavors in such a beautiful way…
During the class, I was partnered w/ Stacy, who is so sweet and so fun. And it was exciting 
to watch our creations come out beautifully… 
I had fun baking with you, Stacy!
Now I'm going to stop gushing for a bit and showing photos from the class.

(Stacy's hand ;) pressing the crusts)
Our Key Lime Pies
Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecakes
Starting the macaron process… whipping the egg whites

 Ready for the almond flour!
 The perfect macaron consistency for piping: a ribbon-like flow
 Piped little beauts
 When I set my tray over by the oven, I noticed a container of colorful sprinkles… I'm kind of
a kid at heart: I am such a sucker for sprinkles! 
I asked Jess if I could use sprinkles, and she jokingly whispered, "Just don't tell the others."
But of course, my baking group buddies got in on the sprinkles action - I mean, who can
say no to sprinkles?!
Aren't they adorable?!
Baking away!

 Baked perfectly thanks to Jess! Ready to be filled...
Jess had ganache, vanilla ganache, and pistachio buttercream for fillings, and all 
were amazingly delicious.
My mini desserts!
Michelle teaching us how to make scrumptious salted caramel sauce (for the pumpkin cheesecakes)
 Mel showing us a super easy meringue to use for piping on the key lime pies

My amazing macaron teacher, Jess, holding a macaron for me - cuz she's awesome like that!

Thank you Mel, Jess, & Michelle for taking time to teach us the right way to make a perfect French Macaron! I loved every minute of class! It was so much fun!
And for anyone reading this post, follow Mel's instagram to keep updated for future classes… you'll be
so happy you did because her tutorials are so fun and easy!
Also check out her blog for yummy pictures and shop info: Sweet & Saucy Shop Blog

Have a wonderful day!
kylie rae


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