Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread + A New Logo

It has been so looooonnnngggg (at least it feels like it) since I last blogged… but
the hiatus is over!
Well, at least for today/tonight…
Why have I been so busy and non-existent you ask…?
I decided to go back to school full time at the very same time my boss
graciously bumped me up to full time so I could get health benefits. So
I literally am living, breathing, eating school and work. When I'm not 
at work, I'm at school, and vice-versa… and when I'm at home, I'm doing hours
of homework until I crash for the night around 11pm or midnight.
But enough of my whining… I finally had a desire to bake I could 
no longer avoid… and I knew exactly what I was going to bake.
Thankfully, I was super eager last grocery store trip and bought too many
bananas, thus browning the perfect amount of leftovers… ready
to be baked into deliciousness.
I went to one of my favorite foodie blogs, Smitten Kitchen, for this recipe.
Her banana bread is called "jacked up" because she added bourbon…
I was going to use some Kahlua I have on hand, since I don't have any 
bourbon lying around… but my baker's instinct raised a red flag… 
so my altered version is the "jacked down" version.
BUT! The lack of bourbon was remedied with a mound of semi-sweet
chocolate chips… yay for chocolatey goodness!!

Since this was an impulse, the couple photos I snapped aren't fantastic 
since it's dark and taken on an iPhone… sorry :/
But I can assure you, they are SO yummy.
Anywho, if you have some free time and brown bananas on your hands,
I suggest baking this uber delicious, moist banana bread…
I made mine into muffins solely because I wanted an easy clean up since it's 
pretty late… and I had some adorable brown Panettone cups to use, equaling 
no clean up! Heck yusss!!
Annnndddd, to make this baking moment even more exciting, I put on some 
classic Christmas music, making it all more exciting and cozy.
I LOVE the holiday season!
I will try to bake some more, especially once this semester ends…
and if you have any recipes you love to bake for the holidays, 
let me know by leaving a comment!

Lastly… I wanted to mention my new logo design at the top of my blog. 
I have been [very slowly] in the process of
starting my own baking business…and my super sweet, beyond talented friend, Ashley Rodriguez,
designed this logo for me… she perfectly captured what I was wanting even though 
I couldn't fully envision it myself. If you have a moment, click here to check out her
adorable blog of all her amazing designs and living in the gorgeous state of Montana.
I probably spend WAY too much time on her blog, but everything she does 
(artistically) and all her pictures are just so ahhhhhmazing! I absolutely
adore her, and you will fall in love with her and her blog… I promise!
So, thank you Ash for my amazing logo!! I love it and am so blessed that 
you designed it for me!

Goodnight bloggerworld!

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