Friday, February 15, 2013

Macarons + Buttercream = Love

Hello lovelies!! Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day yesterday! I know I did :D

Speaking of Valentines... actually, it has nothing to do with Valentines... but...
This last Sunday, I had the privilege of being one of 10 women to be a part of the buttercream frosting class taught by the talented Melody and Irene of Sweet and Saucy Shop in Long Beach, CA.
If you are able to sign up for one of the classes that S&S will be offering, and are interested in being like one of those bloggers whose pictures of their perfect desserts make you red w/ envy (in the best way possible... if that's possible), then shoot them an email and get on it! It was such an amazing, fun, laid back time to learn from two of the best (and yes, I am [proudly] bias).
We had the privilege of learning how to get that perfectly smooth buttercream that is fondant-like in appearance, how to do a good rustic finish, and vertical stripes. AND!!..... we learned how to do the ombré smooth buttercream frosting!!
So here are some photos from the class for you lovelies to enjoy!
You're welcome ;)

Irene teaching us about a basic buttercream frosting.

My super smooth frosted dummy cake... and the rustic frosting. :)

Melody teaching us about the importance of how you are filling your cake before frosting.
....and how to properly stack your cakes once frosted.

Now... here is the ombré frosting on my dummy... excuse me while I squeal like a giddy 4 year old... eeeekkkkk!!!! :D

And, praise to my sweet Jesus, we were able to purchase some macarons (which is my absolute FAVORITE dessert/sweet of all time) after the class... which served as a super delicious breakfast with my coffee the next morning. 
dangit... now I'm craving one at 10:40pm... my luck is poopy - yep... poopy.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures... and again, if you can, sign up for any class offered by Sweet and Saucy... they are so sweet and you won't feel awkward or like you're failing at life if you're not doing it perfectly at first. 

Anywho... have a wonderful night lovelies! I'm off to sleep since I'm basically typing with my eyes half open... goodnight!


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