Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Black&Gold + DIY Cake Stands

Oh-my-lanta! Have I told you how much I LOVE gold right now?! No? huh... 
Well, I do [love it] - a LOT. 

There's something so classic and timeless about gold accents (if done right, mind you... the tacky, gaudy business is just wrong, plain wrong). Gold can have a feminine vibe when paired with soft colors like blush and aqua. Or it can transform into a bold, statement vibe when paired with intense colors such as black... but it still isn't overwhelming. 
Simply, I love gold.

So when Amber, of Typologie & Co., asked me to provide some desserts for her black & gold event Friday night, I nearly peed my pants.
Don't you judge me... I was über excited.

The set up was for FNC (Friday Night Church) at our church, and the special guest was Invisible Children. I was so excited to be a [small] part of a special night - keeping people informed of the devastation that occurs in Africa. Joseph Kony and the Lord's Rebellion Army are wicked beings who are abducting children, terrorizing and killing innocents in East and central Africa. If you get a chance, go check out Invisible Children - get informed and find out if there's any way for you to get involved in any way that is possible for you. 
Anywho, tangent ramblings aside... I was so excited to be baking some pretty, yummy goodies for the set up. Amber asked me to do some cake pops (since those are my most popular and favorited), french macarons, and another dessert of my picking - so of course I chose chocolate rice krispies.

Tying into the black and gold them, I made:
Triple chocolate cake lollipops dusted with gold lustre dust

Vanilla French macarons with a chocolate filling, and a gold stripe

And finally, chocolate rice krispies drizzled in dark chocolate and speckled with gold [edible] glitter

I love baking, and the above desserts are some of my absolute favorite to make... but I need to be straight up with you guys. I was a hot mess while baking these, and I don't mean the good "hot mess", I mean I was sweating like a 500 lb. trucker named Mo. 
It was gross and ugly.
The day that I was baking was the hottest we've had all month all year... it was a wonderful (major sarcasm hidden in that "wonderful") 108 degrees in Anaheim, which makes my house probably closer to 110-112 degrees. 
It was an inappropriate, ungodly temperature. 
But I soldiered through, because I'm fierce and dedicated.
haha... just kidding.
But seriously.

When you're a pastry cook/baker, you know what temperature fluctuations does to your food. This heat was the death of my melting chocolate. I wanted to flick it on the proverbial nose. Praise the baby for refrigerators!
All in all, everything was completed on time, and I had even more product than was asked for. So, all the sweat and heatstroke was completely worth it when I watched all the happy people consuming my food and saying how yummy it was. 
Makes my day :)


Here's my DIY as mentioned in the title:


Yep, not only did I bake all the desserts while hell's heat overtook my kitchen, but I also offered to make the cake stands needed for the dessert table. 
I admit, I took this project on merely so I could attempt the diy craft I've been dying to try.
Pinterest is my hub-bub for amazing diy projects and other amazing ideas - so I found these 2 tutorials to use as my guidelines: Colorful DIY Cake Stands and Colorful Glass Cake Stands

This is how I did it... because I was short on time and money, I used several different materials. I would highly suggest recommend implore you to use the same materials for this project. It's really hard to find a specific glue that works with all the different materials present: wood, glass, and plastic. But thanks to spazzy Adam at Home Depot, I did find a good glue that works on all my elements.
I bought a bunch of on-sale plastic plates at Target, cuz I'm frugal like that. However, I suggest that you buy all white items, or lighter solid colors, because I discovered as I was spray painting, the patterned plates are harder to cover up and take more paint.
Which requires you to run out mid-project to buy more paint like the ninny-muggins I am.

Find a really good, intense glue to hold your items together.... this glue was specifically what I needed, but if you follow the other tutorials, you won't need this glue. But it always helps to just ask employees what you should use, they do know a thing or two ;)

Match your plates with your desired base. I had gone to the dollar tree and bought a plethora of glass vases of different shapes, textures and sizes. The outcome had a fun, eclectic, unique feel that I loved.

Oh, yes... don't forget to injure yourself along the way... so later you can show off your legit DIY war-wound...

Once the glue has cured according to the glue bottles instructions (I would let it cure no less than 24 hrs regardless the instructions), you can go ahead and spray paint the stands. I completely forgot to take photos of this part... sorry! =/
If it's inappropriately hot when you make these like it was for me, let the glue cure even longer... I had two plates pop off the bases because of the humidity and heat... so be aware of the weather and how it'll affect your stands.
But here's what they looked like on the dessert table

The full dessert table!


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