Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sweet and Saucy Shop...

[I know I haven't been a consistent blogger at all... but as everyone on planet earth knows, I've been insanely busy, but I have exciting news... read on]

I'm so excited for July this year!! Why, you ask?? Simply because I am blessed to say I have an internship (for July and August 2010) at the amazing Sweet and Saucy Shop!! For any of you who do not know what the Sweet and Saucy Shop is: it is the most adorable little dessert/cake shop I've seen thus far! Melody Brandon is the owner and pastry chef who runs the shop. Everything I've ever tried in her shop is amazingly delectable, perfectly moist, and insanely adorable. You are never just getting a cupcake or a cake lollipop... you are getting a work of art that simply melts in your mouth!!
And I, Kylie Rae, have scored an internship there!!! I cannot even wait to be working in a place that has become my inspiration. Melody has taken the simplistic idea of decorating cakes and desserts and turned it into a unique, artistic, fashionable masterpiece! I may be a bit biased (obviously), but its all with good reason. You definitely need to visit her site to see what I am saying... her designs are so beautiful, elegant, unique, fresh, and modern. You should also visit her blog to see all the classes she's taken, and the things she done on the side... this woman is talented! And if you live in Orange County, you MUST stop by her shop to try some little goodies! My personal favorites there are the red velvet cake lollipop and the chocolate espresso cupcake - they are totally to die for!!
Her shop is in Long Beach, CA off of Palo Verde and Stearns Street (6400 Stearns St.)... please stop by to see what I'm saying. Melody Brandon has serious skill when it comes to desserts, and I'm am so excited to learn from her!! Hopefully I'll learn a lot before the 2nd wedding cake I'll be doing in October... for a dear friend of mine. I'm a bridesmaid and the cake decorator... should be challenging and interesting - just my style :D

Kylie Rae