Saturday, September 5, 2009

It seems an eternity since I last blogged... probably because, in essence, it has been [an eternity]. I spent my entire summer working like a maniac: I traveled to 3 countries (Hungary, England, and Austria) in 3 months, organized games for children's camps in California and in England, worked in the office incessantly, taught at VBS, and as soon as I came home from Europe (for good... for the rest of 2009 at least), I started school again. I am most pleased to report that I am in my Baking class! I am so excited to be learning from Chef Simpson, and to finally have the proper training I will most indubitably need in the future.
Needless to say, I am exhausted from my busy summer; however, I wouldn't change a single thing. It was an amazing summer that was insanely eventful and tiring, with non-stop work - I loved every minute of it! I am very happy to be home and to have things slow down just a smidge.

I have some very exciting news, for me anyways: I have my first Wedding Cake job!! My friend is getting married in November and asked me if I would do her cake!! Imagine my pure excitement; my very first job, a way to start getting my name out there!! Only thing is, I don't have a set-in-stone business name for my cakes yet, which is a bit of a problem. Nonetheless, I am so excited to be starting so much sooner than I had anticipated!

Second tidbit of excitement: my 22nd birthday is in less than a month!! I am excited and a little nervous, because I don't have a party planned yet (thanks to my busy, hectic summer). I was thinking I might do a desert night: every meet at a specified restaurant to have desert and coffee. Nothing to fancy or over the top, just right... for me. It would be fun to have, maybe, a black/white attire. A bit more planning + tidbit more creativity = a fabulous 22nd birthday!! Any ideas would be most welcomed as well.

Well, it seems to be time for bed now.

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